April 13 2020

Upfield Launches New Flora Plant™ in Austria

New Flora Plant™ marks a leap forward inplant-based eating for dairy butter lovers

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 24 October 2019 – Upfield’s Flora Plant™ dives into the plant-based foods movement in Austria with the launch of its new dairy-free butter, Flora Plant™ that tastes and looks just like dairybutter, but is made with plant-based oils from seeds of sunflowers, rapeseed and sustainably grown palm fruits. Flora Plant™ is lactose free and vegan, and makesiteasier for all consumers – omnivores and vegans alike – to enjoy the taste of butter with a plant-based, dairy-free option.

“At FloraPlant™, we believe that plant-based eating has a positive impact on health and on the environment. We are also deeply passionate about great taste. That is why Flora Plant™ stands for 100% plant-based indulgence,” says Pierluigi Pecchia, Upfield General Manager, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. “That’s why we set out to make adairyfree spread that home cooks, chefs and bakers couldcook, bake and spread with, just like dairy butter. We created a truly breakthrough productand have been so excited to see the response when peopletry it. We’re turningeven the biggestdairy butter lovers out there into Flora Plant™ lovers.”

Flora Plant™ tastes great and is good for the environment. It is 100% plant-based and yet can do everything butter can:

  • Spreads like dairy butter
    • When taking Flora Plant™ out of the fridge, it can be used just like butter and has a rich, creamy taste.
  • Cooks like dairy butter
    • Whether in a creamy risotto or to refine a sauce: When cooking, Flora Plant™ can be used like dairy butter.
  • Roasts like dairy butte
    • Crunchy, golden-brown roasted vegetables or buttery roasted potatoes: Flora Plant™ behaves just like dairy butter and can even be browned like dairy butter.
  • Bakes like dairy butter
    • A delicious cake, airy puff pastry or butter flakes on a casserole: With Flora Plant™the result is just as delicious.

About Flora Plant™: Flora® Plant is made of precious oils pressed from the seeds of sunflowers, rapeseed and sustainably grown palm fruits. Sustainable palm oil is an important ingredient due to its creamy consistency. Oil palms produce up to four times more oil than other plants while at the same time requiring less cropland. For the sustainable cultivation of oil palms, it must be ensured that it does not happen at the expense of the environment. Flora Plant™ is exclusively cultivated from brownfields and agricultural land. Additionally, important jobs are preserved in the producing countries, where palm oil is an important economic factor. Through sustainable extraction, we protect the environment and preserve the jobs of people whose livelihood depends on palm oil production.

Flora Plant™is available in stores across Austria in stick format, in salted and unsalted. The suggested retail price for Flora Plant™ 250G blocks is EU 1.89, however prices may vary from store to store.

Visit www.Floraplant.at to find a retailer near you or try one of our new recipes made with Flora Plant™.